Fall Course of Persian Language

For those who dream of learning Persian

Iran, Kish Island


Conversation-based courses
No age or gender restriction
Using modern methods of language teaching
Enjoy the island's fun and excitement in a completely Persian setting
Official certificate of Sa'di Foundation of Iran
Fast language learning
A fully functional and dynamic environment
Benefiting from experienced Persian language teachers
No need to get a visa to enter the island of Kish
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The levels

Start time of Classes

course start on :

22 of November
Duration : One month
Registration fee:
just 990 $
With accommodation, food and some free sightseeing tour in Kish island

Is it really possible to learn Persian?

Many people who live out of Iran may find it very difficult to learn Persian. Sometimes, some Persian speakers also think that one cannot teach Persian to others at all.
Where are the classes held?

These classes are held on the beautiful island of Kish, in a very lively area. This island is one of the islands of the Persian Gulf and one of the most beautiful regions of Hormozgan province in southern Iran. Kish Island leads to Iran from the north, to the Strait of Hormuz from the east, to the UAE from the south, and to Bahrain and Saudi Arabia from the west.

Marine journey to Kish Island is possible by boats from the Kish port and aerial journey can take place via flights from the Kish Airport. There are numerous daily flights to the island from neighboring countries including the UAE, Oman and so on.

Why should we learn Persian?

There must be some reasons for learning a language. Everybody has their own reasons. Around 100 to 110 million people speak Persian throughout the world.

How does Persian look to non-Persian speakers?

Some Persian speakers believe that their language sounds strange to non-Persian speakers. But to many Persian language learners, it is one of the interesting languages ​​they have got familiar. Trying to learn a new language, a language learner pays attention to aspects of the target language that may not draw the attention of its natives such as pronunciation, accent, sentence structure, idioms, and proverbs that double the sweetness of a language. It is interesting to note that according to research, the Persian language is attractive in all the aforementioned cases for non-Persian speakers.

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Apply now and save time to learn better

The Center also provides virtual courses for applicants who cannot attend in Iran;
contact +982532890442 - +989381503705 
email info@icpcr.com for more information.

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