The International Conference on Peace Studies

The International Conference on Peace Studies

29 February 2020

Kish Island - Iran

Peace is one of the categories that mankind has been considering since the beginning of creation, and has always been wishing to be in a calm condition and reconciliation; However, in the different ages, human being has suffered because of the lack of peace.

Today, with regard to the complexities of human life and the disruptions in political and social interactions, nations are increasingly aware of the importance of peace and coexistence. The importance of this item can be found in the works of scholars, philosophers and sociologists; as they have considered it in designing Utopia. Accordingly, it is possible to explain peace in different ways, due to cultural, religious, and social beliefs and ideas.

The International Center for the Developing Peace, Culture and Rationality in order to promote peaceful coexistence, will hold the second International Peace Studies Conference in February 2020 and intends to gather together scholars and researcher for having a better explanation of peace and reconciliation.



  1. Animal Rights and Peace
  2. Architecture and Peace
  3. Art and peace
  4. Children and Peace
  5. Coexistence and Peace
  6. Computer Games and Peace
  7. Culture and Peace
  8. Cyberspace and Peace
  9. Economics and Peace
  10. Education and Peace
  11. Elites and Peace
  12. Environment and Peace
  13. Ethics and Peace
  14. Family and Peace
  15. Future Studies and Peace
  16. Geography and Peace
  17. History and Peace
  18. Human dignity and Peace
  19. Human Rights and Peace
  20. Hygiene and Peace
  21. International Organizations and Peace
  22. IT and Peace
  23. Justice and Peace
  24. Language, Literature and Peace
  25. Law and Peace
  26. NGOs and Peace
  27. Philosophy and Peace
  28. Politics and Peace
  29. Rationality and Peace
  30. Religion and Peace
  31. Religion, Holy Books and Peace
  32. Research and Peace
  33. Society and Peace
  34. Sport and Peace
  35. State and Peace
  36. War and Peace
  37. Women and Peace


Important dates:

Abstract deadline: 21 Dec. 2019

Full paper deadline: 20 Jan. 2020

Conference day: 29 February 2020


Conference registration fees






130 $


Faculty Members

160 $



200 $


Participants in conference without paper




60 $


The services for registered applicants:

  • Reviewing the papers;
  • ID card of the conference;
  • Certification letter;
  • Coffee and tea with biscuit in the conference hall;
  • One time lunch.


Please register your name on and submit your paper

For more information please contact us through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Guide for Article:

  • Articles must include the following sections:

Title, abstract and keywords, prelude or introduction of the subject, main body of the article, conclusion, references

  • Only those articles will be considered which had not been published before and their corresponding authors have not been obliged to publish them elsewhere.
  • Responsibility of scientific and legal authenticity of the articles will rest upon the corresponding author.
  • The right to accept or reject an article is reserved for the Conference Committee. However,the secretariat of the conference is bound to report the final situation of sent articles to their corresponding authors within one month (30 days).
  • Size of an article must be eight pages at least and 25 pages at most where each page contains 350 words.
  • Abstracts of an article should be not more than 350 words at most.
  • To type a Persian article, “B Mitra” font with the size of 14pt should be used.

To type an article in Arabic, “Arabic Typesetting” font with the size of 14pt and in English, “Times New Roman” font with the size of 14pt should be used.

  • References should be arranged alphabetically and should be listed as under:

In Case of Book: Surname, Name,(Year of Publication),Title of Book (with “Bold” font style),Name of translator or Editor (if applicable),Volume, Edition, Place of Publication: Name of Publisher.

In Case of Article: Surname, Name, Title of Article, Translator (if applicable),Name of Publication (with “Bold” font style),Periodicity, Edition, Total Number of Article Pages: (Year of Publication).

  • Endorsement of references related to sources in the text should be made in form of (Name of Author, Year of Publication: Page Number) e.g.,(Tabatabai,1376: 89).
  • Explanation references of each page, like Latin form of alphabets, Description of terms, etc., should be given in footnote of the same page. 


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