Guide for Article Writers

  1. Articles must include following sections:
    title, abstract and keywords, prelude or introduction of the subject, main body of the article, conclusion, references
  2. Only those articles will be considered which had not been published before and their corresponding authors have not been obliged to publish them elsewhere.
  3. Responsibility of scientific and legal authenticity of the articles will rest upon the corresponding author.
  4. The right to accept or reject an article is reserved for the Conference Committee. However, the secretariat of the conference is bound to report the final situation of sent articles to their corresponding authors within one month (30 days).
  5. Size of an article must be eight pages at least and 25 pages at most where each page contains 350 words.
  6. Abstracts of an article should be not more than 350 words at most.
  7. To type a Persian article, “B Mitra” font with the size of 14pt should be used.
  • To type an article in Arabic, “Arabic Typesetting” font with the size of 12pt and in English, “Times New Roman” font with the size of 12pt should be used.
  1. References should be arranged alphabetically and should be listed as under:
  • In Case of Book: Surname, Name, (Year of Publication), Title of Book (with “Bold” font style), Name of translator or Editor (if applicable), Volume, Edition, Place of Publication: Name of Publisher.
  • In Case of Article: Surname, Name, Title of Article, Translator (if applicable), Name of Publication (with “Bold” font style), Periodicity, Edition, Total Number of Article Pages: (Year of Publication).
  1. Endorsement of references related to sources in the text should be made in form of (Name of Author, Year of Publication: Page Number) e.g., (Tabatabai, 1376: 89).
  2. Explanation references of each page, like Latin form of alphabets, Description of terms, etc., should be given in footnote of the same page.