Sixth Academic meeting

Sixth Academic  meeting "Supervision in the Political Legal System of the Islamic Republic of Iran" with a speech by Dr. Hojatullah Ebrahimiyan, faculty member of Islamic Azad University on Wednesday, March 4th.
At this meeting, Dr Ebrahimian, first began to discuss the terminology of the word of supervision-control, and then explained its function in the system of government-public authorithy. He considered the separation of powers as one of the mechanisms for preventing inflation and corruption in the government, adding that " the Islamic Republic of Iran enjoys a key element  of Velayat-e faqih. Monitoring in this system has a unique feature in Between the current supervisory systems in the world.
Director of the Department of Public Law at Qom Azad University, referred to various types of supervision, and continued: Here, two types of supervision can be considered for the supervisory organs ; one is the supervision of the Estetlai and Esteswabi. In Estetlai, the target is the supervisor's awareness. Although the  supervisor's awareness can prevent a lot of offenses, but it lacks a serious and determinative entry into the supervisory things. This is while the supervision of the Esteswabi is finished with a final vote and waste no time and facilities.  Supervision of 
Esteswabi is a supervisory  who is not only responsible for informing, but also introduces serious issues in the discussions and affected them.  The Guardian Council is the type of supervision of the Esteswabi in the system of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Dr. Ebrahimian added that the necessity  conformation of approvals to  Islamic rules and regulations by the Guardian Council is a obvious example of supervision in the Islamic system. The Guardian Council-centered ,the participation of the people and the preservation of their rights and freedoms are three significant purposes of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
This member of the faculty of Islamic Azad University of Islamic Azad University has considered promotion of good and prevention of evil  as one of the most important factors at the level of supervision, and pointed out: "Promotion of  good and prevention of evil can be used as a public control of the people on the government." This will cause-lead the nation-the people to evaluate the principle of the state comprehensively  and to move the state toward transcendence.
Dr. Ebrahimian explain how some organs were supervised by the Islamic Republic of Iran and explained their supervisory dimensions. The meeting finished  with the question and answer of the meeting.